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My name is Sofija, and I'm from Serbia in eastern Europe. I'm a computer programer, but my passion is writing. This is why I find Hubpages to be my faworite web space.

I'm also passionate about home organising, so I'm doing my best to share my experiences and advice with my readers.

I also like blogs, and write one about homemaking (in my native language, Serbian).

I usually spend my leisure time crocheting or reading.

This is why main topics of my hubs are crocheting, homemaking, cooking, book and movie reviews and recommendations.

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    The Best Psychological Thriller Movies of the 2000s

    20 months ago

    Psychological Thriller is a sub genre of thriller focusing on the state of mind of characters, their emotions, combined with mystery.

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    Top 5 Romantic Comedies Of The 2000s

    5 months ago

    The best five romantic comedies since 2000. Five really funny, nice, romantic movies, that you will most certainly enjoy.

  • 16

    The Best Serbian Ultras Groups

    2 years ago

    The best Serbian ultras groups. When and where they were established, thier history, colours, clubs etc.

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    Top Five Guy Ritchie Movies

    18 months ago

    Guy Ritchie is a fantastic director who pays a lot of attention to his scripts and dialogs in his movies. His movies will amaze you, you will laugh so damn hard, you will enjoy the action, and you will never get enough...

  • 7

    The Best 5 Horror Movie Series

    2 years ago

    The best five horror franchises. Movies that scared us when we were young, and movies that scare us now. Some of the best movie villains of all time, portrayed by some of the greatest actors in the world.

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    The History of Swarovski Jewelry

    2 years ago

    Swarovski jewelry is the synonym for the purest crystal glass. It's one of the most famous jewelry brands in the world, and almost every person has some piece of their jewelery or accessories.

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    The Most Used Symbols in Fantasy Novels

    2 years ago

    Have you ever realized that there are some patterns in the way that fantasy writers are creating their novels? You probably did, because there are some symbols that are used in almost every fantasy book.

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    Aes Sedai and The Wheel of Time

    2 years ago

    Aes Sedai are people with magical abilities in Robert Jordan's book series 'The Wheel of Time'. Although there are a lot of different magic creatures in today's popular literarure, Aes Sedai are very special.

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    Pasta with chicken and sour cream - meal that you can prepare fast and easy

    23 months ago

    Easy healthy and delicious meal that will not take you a lot of time to prepare, and you can eat it in any time of day or a year.

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